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Teens/young Adults Classes

Auditioning for teen Roles? Start Here!

Our Teen Acting Classes are for Teens and Young Adults to enjoy CREATING and LIVING the life.

Whether you are new to acting or have been working for years – we have Classes that YOU WILL LOVE. All our classes are currently virtual via zoom.

Our Acting Class sizes are always small (maximum 12 people) which creates a SAFE NURTURING CREATIVE HOME where you can fully explore what it is to live another person’s life.  You will FEEL FREE TO BE YOURSELF, make friends and laugh but also learn to CREATE THE LIFE of someone else through SPECIFICS and IMAGINATION : ) 

All classes include:

  • ‘Cold’ and ‘warm’ scripts

  • Auditioning/casting process

  • Group work and creative explorations

  • Creating through senses and images

  • Bringing to life the whole script


Ages 14-19:  Our teen classes are suitable for young adults (18/19) who primarily audition for teen roles – all content is age appropriate.

We would love to work with you!

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